The Drainage Therapy

The manual drainage therapy

This is the most natural treatment. The treatment itself is a manual massage, by which the body is intensely kneaded. The affected tissue is pressed with the thumbs; the blood circulation and the microcirculation are fully stimulated, by which the blood is allowed to flow thoroughly throughout the tissue. The toxins, fats and water are conveyed by the blood circulation and separated through the kidneys. The water metabolism is brought back to equilibrium, especially by drinking a minimum of two liters water every day.

This method poses no dangers and there are no adverse side effects. In the beginning this treatment may be painful, as the tissues attached to the muscle are pried loose. Afterwards, these treatments become painless and very relaxing. With this treatment, we have achieved drastic results in the long run up to slimming of over 19 cm.

The advantage of this treatment is that it is effective for diffuse (scattered) cellulite. The entire body is treated integrally, but we concentrate of course on the areas where cellulite usually manifests itself, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and calves. People who have the advantage of living near a therapeutic center, will come to the center for four treatments per week in the first two weeks and then, during the next weeks or months (depending on the amount of cellulite they have) they will follow a rhythm of three treatments a week.