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Your experienced skincare therapist will analyse your skin classification, evaluate
which treatment is most suitable for your individual skincare needs and prescribe the optimum
homecare programme to ultimately achieve the very best results.



Applied on a regular basis it will damage the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin resulting in drooping eyelids. Tweezing of eyebrows is much less aggressive to the skin and givea much nicer shape.

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You will shave more over time.
Hair will grow backmore fast and ticker
Risk for cuts andskin irritation.

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Medical pedicure

A Medical Pedicure is an individually tailored foot treatment performed in a safe and sterile environment. All instruments are sterilized by dry heat at 490 degrees Fahrenheit, 250 degrees Celsius.



A manicure is done on your natural nails and includes removing any existing nail polish, cleaning and conditioning your cuticles, filing and shaping your nails, applying moisturizers to your hands, a hand massage and applying new nail polish.