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Medical Pedicure



A Medical Pedicure is an individually tailored foot treatment performed in a safe and sterile environment. All instruments are sterilized by dry heat at 490 degrees Fahrenheit, 250 degrees Celsius. At first we take care of all problems such as ingrown toenails, fungal infection and warts and the safe removal of hardened skin, calluses and corns.

The treatment of dry and cracked heels called winter feet. After we finish with the problems (don’t cry if you have any but thanks God you have baby feet) we will continue with the beautification. The nails are trimmed, filed and shaped. Cuticles are pushed or removed if necessary. The foot sole is softened with a pumice stone including an exfoliation treatment with a sand cream.

A specialized moisturizing treatment for feet and a foot massage to increase the blood circulation and to stimulate the flexibility are applied. Ladies get a polish if they wish. People with Diabetes should not forget to inform the therapist of their condition. She will be extra careful. A medical Pedicure is a necessity for most of the population.

We usually take care of everything throughout our daily basis, our hair, make up, and clothing, but we forget the most important part of our lives, what keeps us moving, our feet. Our feet are a fundamental part in our everyday life in particular as we are standing many hours of the day on them. We all need to take care of our feet, and that is what a Medical Pedicure is for.