We recommend you to buy a good professional juicer and to make juicing part of your new healthy lifestyle. It’s a great complement to your WPFD. The benefits of juicing are part of the keys to a radiant, energetic life, and truly optimal health. In your WPFD plan it is suggested that you eat as much variables in the fruit – vegetables – and legumes spectrum as possible.
When juicing you get the raw untouched material with all his multiple nutrients as it is produced by nature. You try to use only organic vegetables and fruits, unless not otherwise possible. The valuable and sensitive micronutrients are not destroyed. Cooking or processing food is altering their shape and chemical composition.
Benefits of juicing are:
• It helps you to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Making poor food choices for many years has resulted in having impaired digestions for most of us.
• People finding it difficult to eat a lot and variable quantity of vegetables can consume an optimal amount in an efficient manner with a simple glass of juice.
• Many people eat a limited variable of fruits and vegetables. By juicing you can use a wide variety of vegetables at the same time including those that you don’t enjoy eating whole.
Be aware that vegetable juice is not a complete meal as it contains little protein, no fibers and virtually no fat. It should be used to supplement and not to replace regular meals. Although they are some special fasting or detoxification programs that are using juices only for a period of time with a purpose that depending the cure will use some particular plants only.
Listening to your body is an integral part of the juicing experience. Fruit should always be ripe. If your stomach is reacting by making its presence known by growling or churning it probably is that you used something that doesn’t go with you. Experience only shows what suits you or not.
Some suggestions:
• Try as much as possible to use pesticide free veggies.
• A good ratio for beginners is ¼ fruits and ¾ vegetables.
• Make your juice tasteful in order to enjoy it.
• Fresh ginger is an excellent addition to spice up your juice and has dramatic effects on cardiovascular health.
• Drink your vegetable juice right away to avoid the lost of vitamins as it’s highly perishable in contact with oxygen.