First title to presente our blog

“BE ALIVE” is a new movement in the way we as individuals position ourselves towards the society and world we live in. Creation (God) has manifested itself through two very simple principals. Everything created is unique and connected to all existing organism in ONESS of an infinite universe, with respect to the fact that every person has been born to be part of the human evolutionary experience and participate by his own exceptional unique characteristics. In that order we endorse diversity that leads to the incredible possibilities for the growth and development of mankind. We want to be able to express our freedom of choice given to us as a birthright. Personal action must always be in favor of the collective wellbeing that is the cell where all individuals are living and thriving. Respecting ourselves is respecting our environment. Planet Earth, a small beautiful blue rock flying towards it mystical destiny has reached today a critical situation and so has humankind. Never did we have previously as much access in our evolutionary history to so much abundance as contemporary due to our technological development. The flipsides of the coin is the insatiable destruction we cause to the ecology and the planet as a whole. Our health, wealth, happiness and survival are at stake. Two minutes to twelve … it’s up to us to take back control of our life by responsible personal choices. If today multi national corporations such as the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries are dictating our life it’s because we let them do so. When financial profit becomes an objective by itself that justify all means we will reach the irreversible exhausting of our natural and human resources causing the destruction of the planet. We all born free that we express by our ability to choose. When we have no choices anymore our freedom evaporate to a far existing memory. BE ALIVE is a movement that has the ambition to help individuals to live healthy and happy lives. Never will we dictate a life style but rather give you access to the tools and honest information whereby you decide in a responsible manner what life you are entitled to. Today all aspects of our lives are contaminated by the greed and profit exploitation from malicious (economic) powers that want control over our lives. Exemplary is the pharmaceutical industry using the methodic of symptoms-diagnostic-prescription (profit) rather than the symptoms-diagnostic- cause approach. Scientific research is directed to create profitable prescription drugs rather than finding solutions that may prevent sickness and stimulate wellness. If life style modifications that may eradicate the causes of symptoms are not endorsed then the question is razed if the motivation behind is still honest. Recently science has discovered that epigenetics triggers or disables the approximate150.000 genes (good and bad) in our body. Stress, various forms of polluters, food, lack of exercise or too much are all the culprit awakening the genes that creates deadly diseases such as cancer, heart failure, brain malfunction and much more others. BE ALIVE applies the philosophy of the total concept “Mens sana in corpore sano “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Based on three simple elements MOVE – EAT RIGHT – RELAX the BE ALIVE program is simple and can be applied non-discriminatory by all people from different ages, constituents, sex, religions, ethnicities, geographical places etc. The BE ALIVE MOVEMENT want to bring all the people of the world together that are believing in a better, healthier world. Giving them honest information when help is needed. By bringing together practitioners, therapist, health clinics, alternative medicine, but as well allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals (we don’t want to through away the child with the bath water) that are still providing tremendous help for people in need. We will list places, clinics, hotels, countries and communities that are honoring the principles of “BE ALIVE”. Maybe one day we could reach the dawn of a new age society unifying the human family. Herewith eradicating sickness, wars, destructive behavior and entering the “THE GOLDEN ERA OF HUMANITY”.