Facial deep cleansing


deep cleansing

The Facial Deep Cleansing consist of:

– frimator (refreshing brush cleansing)
– vial (adapted to your skin condition)
– vapozone (vaporization with active oxygen)
– peeling (gentle elimination of dead cells)
– vacuum treatment (aspiration by air)
– thermodyn (thermal stimulation)
– high frequency (electrical stimulation)
– massage (manual)
– mask (adapted to your skin condition)


The face is the first part of the human anatomy that we observe as we encounter another human being. In the facial lays the expression of all our emotions. We look worry, pensive, frustrated, angry, spaced out, sensual, fearful, sad, attractive, wondering, happy, relaxed, old, young etc.

Our face tells one another who we are and is the part of the body that is the easiest to identify an individuals personality. It also shows our social heritage, where we come from and who were our ancestors. But before all it shows who we really are today at the present moment. Our modern contemporarily society became very demanding to our personality. It wants us to look happy youthful free of worry and problems.

In our complex and insecure world where everything can change overnight, we need to be flexible and anticipating to all this changes. A smiling, happy and relax face expression will attract and secure other individuals that you are safe and not in for trouble. Everybody wants to be around happy good -looking people, nobody is attracted to sad depressed and angry Psychologist will tell you that the first impression you get from a person is the one that will remain forever. It is telling who you are.

It reflects your state of mind and your emotions. Your past, present and future life is partly visible in your face. The first place where people are looking at to define age is your face. Depending different countries, cultures and demographic places the aging process will get different values. In the oriental world gray hairs and wrinkles are very valued as a trademark of wisdom, respect and life experience.

In our occidental world they are valued as getting old and unattractive. We will do everything possible to maintain the youth in our face as prove of our high level of energy and to safeguard a place in our competitive and demanding society.

THE FUNCTIONS AND STRUCTURE OF THE SKIN: the skin is a living – organism, it enveloped all the body and protect us against aggressions from outside such as extreme temperatures of cold and heat, blows, cuts and injuries. It helps us to regulate our body temperature and to keep it stable. Through the skin we eliminate toxins and we breath very small quantities of oxygen.

The skin is the mirror of the inside. If we have problems with internal organs, hormones etc. it al will reflect on the skin. It is a great communicator with outside emotions, actions and feelings. By sudden danger you feel shilled, by anger you feel hot, you blush when you are intimidated, you get in ecstasy from caresses in the foreplay of making love etc.
The skin contains 25% of proteins and fats and 75% of water. It consist of tree parts

THE EPIDERMIS is the outer (visible) protective layer of the skin and is a few tenths of millimeters thick. There is no vascularization and it consists of different layers of cells generated by the basal layer that separate the epidermis from the dermis. These different layers of cells are also called Stratums cornea. These cells will systematically appear to the surface of the skin, in the process loosing the water they contains, to be finally exfoliated naturally. Every day we are loosing some thousands of cells that are replaced before by others.

THE DERMIS is a few millimeters thick, much thicker than the epidermis. It regulates the nervous endings and the capillaries that are producing the nutritional elements to the basal layer for the production of new cells. The dermis consists of elastin fibers that provide the elasticity and tonic of the skin and collagen fibers that provide the water to the skin.

THE HYPODERMIS is the deepest and thickest layer of the skin. The thickness varies from a few millimeters until one or two centimeters depending of his location on the body. A major part of fats are located in the hypodermis. For a good equilibrium it is necessary that we have some fats in our body. Fat people or people with an oily skin will generally have less wrinkles during the ageing process.

THE DAILY CARE OF THE SKIN: Every day the skin has to be cleaned. For a dry, sensitive or normal skin we use a cleansing milk and tonic. For a oily skin we use a gentle foaming cleanser with an astringent tonic to close the pores. Depending the skin texture and complexion we are using a protective or moistening cream during the day and a more nourishing cream or vial for the night.

Treatments are never standard for the very simple fact that there is not a standard skin. There are dry skins, normal skins, sensitive skins, oily skins, combined skins, problem skins, irritated skins, dehydrated skins, young skins, old skins, wrinkled skins, dark skins, light skins, burned skins etc… . Every skin needs another treatment, and that is why every treatment is adapted on a personal bases.
Your aesthetician will advise you with the right products and treatments for a daily care.

THE FACIAL DEEPCLEANSING: Every three or four weeks you will go to the salon for a complete skin deep cleansing treatment. The client will undress before taking place in a comfortable chair where she is covered up. The hair is protected with a hairband. The skin is cleaned with a frimator (a machine with very soft brushes) and a
cleansing – milk before the aesthetician start a profound analysis of the condition of the skin. At this time she adapt her working procedure to the type of skin of her customer. She applies a vial and put on the vapozone (a face steamer).

The steam penetrates deep into the follicles to soften and disinfect the skin at the same time and open up the pores. By doing so the skin is well prepared for the extraction of blackheads, little cysts called milia and all impurities of the skin can be removed with ease. The gentle abrasive peeling takes away the dead cells from the outer skin (epidermis) and let it breathe more freely again.

Then we start the massage that stimulate the circulation of the tissues and toned the facial muscles. A mask with nourishing conditions is applied to activate the metabolism of the skin. A facial treatment is always very relaxing for the body but also for the mind.

To close of the chapter of the skin treatments just be aware of the following: take care about your skin on a daily bases, have once in a time a deep cleansing, drink a lot of water, eat healthy and toxic free food.