Cellulite is woman’s greatest enemy. All women are dreaming of moving freely and proud of their trim and streamlined figures. Many women have suffered disappointment from treatments that promised much and delivered little. First some advice: whatever treatment you decide upon, believe in it firmly and persevere until it is concluded. There are no wonder drugs. Take care of yourself every day and not intermittently. Make it as habitual as eating and drinking.

If the study of obesity is complex, then the study of cellulite is inexhaustible. Cellulite remains a mystery despite all the praiseworthy efforts of doctors, a great many of whom refuse to consider it seriously although one can perceive a concern to support and guide women generally.

Cellulite is perhaps one of the most annoying appearances particular to women and very few of them escape from it as 90% are liable to be affected. Cellulite is closely related to the female hormonal system. Males normally have no predisposition to Cellulite. The treatment of Cellulite is not impossible, but a lot perseverance and hard work is needed. Some promise to make Cellulite disappear by means of some quick and easy treatment, as if a magic wand had been waved: this is both deceiving and false.

First you must be aware of what causes Cellulite. Then you must prepare yourself mentally to combat it. Because it will be a battle, especially against the bad living habits you have acquired over the years. We shall help you to get a clear picture of the abundant information available and to draw up a chart especially adapted to your needs.

This could well be the start of a rapid improvement in your life. We not only promise to solve your problem, but offer you a method that will yield permanent results.

Our treatment will not only take care of the physical symptoms of Cellulite, but teach you to adopt the proper attitude to life. You will have to accept a new standard of bodily hygiene, eating habits and life style. All therapies are there to achieve clear results, but first we have to want to do something before we can achieve it. A cardinal mistake is to wait till the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves before we act. Cellulite can be forestalled as long we adopt the right attitude. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. But if you are suffering from Cellulite, let us then look at what Cellulite really is:

A Cellulite from a medical point of view

As it is still a mystery how the metabolism works and the subcutaneous connective tissue has still not been unraveled, the specialists still do not agree with regard to the precise definition of Cellulitis.

They reject the name as being incorrect and confusing as the word ” itis ” means inflammation in medical terms. Still there are many clinical symptoms that enable us to recognize Cellulite and these symptoms do not show any inflammation.

Cellulite does not necessarily have to be coupled with obesity, the proof being the well-known fact that Cellulite does not react to a diet. It is established that a local vasodilatation (vascular dilatation) takes place, especially of the small blood vessels in the skin. As mentioned before, this vasodilatation does not necessarily have an inflammatory character.

A damming in the small blood vessels of the skin leads of course to an increase in departure of lymph and plasma. The white blood cells however will not migrate. Several women with Cellulite are therefore extremely susceptible to a subcutaneous hemorrhage upon the slightest bump into a hard object, which is caused by a break of the capillaries. This shows that the capillary is enlarged so much by the damming and has become so tensed, that it can only offer little resistance to injuries. The subcutaneous tissue is soaked with the protein fluid that had departed.

The Cellulite becomes more and more tight and compact, until eventually there are hard plaques, especially at the height of the thighs. It is almost certain that pressing the capillaries together, for example by a sitting position, can only worsen the accumulation of fluid. There are even cases of Cellulite which follows in small circular zones the markings of a piece of clothing fitting too tightly.

During the organization phase, the structure of the subcutaneous connective tissue changes. The fiber network seems to become tighter. This causes an accumulation of fluid and we then speak of a connective tissue disorder. These changes in the tissue lead to a slow fibrosis. The connective tissue is no longer normally renewed, but gradually replaced by more and more fibers, which will result in a hardening, which is almost not reparable (fibrosis, sclerosis).

Fibers of the connective tissue will harden and eventually completely stiffen. This process would give cause to the different symptoms that come with Cellulite. Some women who previously always had a harmoniously built body, can suddenly obtain Cellulite. This can occur after pregnancy, after they have started to use the pill, or after another event that strongly affects their feminine sex life. What happened to the tissues, and how did this take place?

A – Everything starts with a poor blood circulation. The capillaries, the smallest blood vessels, are no longer impermeable. The fluid from the blood permeates into the tissues and forms edema there. In this stage, the disorder is still reparable and could be remedied in a short period of time.

B – Unfortunately, these women often show an unbalanced functioning of the ovaries and a hormone level that is too high. These hormones cause a fluid retention in the tissues. The edema becomes from worse to irreversible, and settles permanently in the tissues and in the fat layers.

C – In this fat tissue that is saturated with fluid, a network of fibers looking very much like lianas gradually develops itself. This network strongly extends itself within a short period of time. It becomes tighter and gradually impenetrable, and it will entirely enclose the fluid and the fat. Now, the Cellulite has become permanent.

This process comprises the entire secret about cellulite. No diet or diuretic whatsoever will be able to change anything about the enclosed zones as long as the fiber network is not destroyed.

The fact that this network becomes tighter and tighter, makes that old cellulite is harder to be treated than recent cellulite. Despite the fact that fat tissue does have something to do with the formation of Cellulite, as the connective tissue is a reservoir of fat substances and water, we are of the opinion that liquid infiltration is the decisive factor. Example hereof are slim women who have low fat reserves and who still have more or less extensive cellulite zones. Cellulite is a fundamental problem that affects every woman, for if it is not treated it will get worse. It will bring changes in the inter- and cellular system, as well as a poor circulation of the blood, causing premature aging. The treatment of Cellulite is therefore also preventive, aiming at the aesthetic and vital preservation of the body.

B How cellulite manifests itself.

The first test is the ” orange skin ” test. The skin is pressed between the thumb and the index finger. You will immediately see a rough area with tiny dips and bumps, looking like the surface of an orange.

The second test is the ” rice kernel ” test. The skin is rolled between the fingers, whereby the same sensation similar to grains in a bag of rice is felt. Cellulite should never be confused with fat, as the fat layers feel differently.

C What causes Cellulite?

  • nervousness
  • smoking
  • psychological, social and affective aggression
  • wrong eating habits (qualitative, quantitative and the gobbling down of meals)
  • menstrual irregularities
  • hormonal irregularities (malfunctioning of the glands)
  • heredity
  • faulty circulation of the blood
  • lack of exercise

D Where Cellulite commonly manifests itself.

  • hips and buttocks
  • abdomen (under the navel)
  • knees
  • ankles (pole legs)
  • neck (buffalo hump)
  • arms

E When does Cellulite manifest itself?

  • In the adolescent years : 12%
  • When using the pill : 19%
  • after one or more pregnancies : 27%
  • When menopause sets in : 25%
  • With women suffering of hyper foliocilin : 17%