Body peeling



If you want to keep the skin of your body having a youthful and healthy appearance then it’s important that you will give it some of your time and attention. The skin is the largest organ and it has multiple functions. It’s covering the entire body and protect us against exterior aggression from our environment, such as virus, bacterium, fungus, parasites to name a few. By physical harm created by all type of accidents the severely damaged skin will try to heal by forming scar tissue. It regulates the temperature, sensation and synthesis of vitamin D through sun exposure. Excretion of toxins trough the sweating process has a secondary function to temperature regulation.

The skin acts as a water resistant barrier so essential nutrients aren’t washed out of the body. By severe burning inclusive sunburn loss of this function contributes to massive fluid loss and dehydration. Practicing good personal hygiene is very essential to keep a healthy and good-looking skin. Washing the body on a regular daily basis with a low PH soap is necessary to wash away the bacteria that build up over the course of the day. Using a loofa in shower or bath will stimulate the blood circulation and the basic functions of the cell metabolism. Using moisturizers in form of lotions and creams together with the drinking of a lot of water will keep your skin elastic.

Ones in a while we can have a professional exfoliation what we call in ORSANA a “BODY PEELING”.

Unlike most other places we don’t use a loofa for the exfoliation that in most cases feels pretty harsh. We are performing the treatment a little more sophisticate by using a machine with rotating brushes. First we apply a cleansing-milk and with soft brushes we clean all the body. With warm water and sponges we remove the cleansing-milk where after we use a smooth cream with little sand particles and with harder rotating brushes we execute the body peeling. It feels very pleasant a little like a massage.

All the impurities of the skin such as dead cells, toxins, urea produced by sweating are eradicated from the skin. Followed by a shower and the application of a cream with minerals and essentials oils that have the capacity to moisturize and firming the skin.

The blood flow and the elasticity from the skin are herewith stimulated leaving it with a velvety smooth and soft feeling. A body peeling can be done in the beginning of a vacation to prepare the skin for intensive sun exposure (don’t forget to use your suntan protection), at the end of the vacation and in normal life at least once a month.

Beside the physical benefits it’s also a time to indulge yourself in some egoistic type of experience were all attention is only directed to you and you my float on a peaceful wave of tranquility.