Master Steven Zhang was born and raised in China and was first trained by his great-uncle who was a traditional Chinese medical doctor. He practiced with him for many years. After his great-uncle passed away, he attended the University of Guangzhou and gained his certifications within a relatively short period of time. He took up a position at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Outpatient Clinic, mostly treating government officials. When the opportunity to work abroad came along, he decided to take it. Embracing the chance to help people of other cultures understand and experience the aspects of Chinese Medicine.

ACUPUNCTURE is a nature-based medicine. It fights against pain, stimulates the body’s defences, brings the body and mind into balance, but it is above all a truly preventative discipline. Acupuncture is one of the oldest medicines in the world. It is a comprehensive medicine, which views all the tissues, organs and functions as being connected in one interdependent whole. It is complementary when it is associated with any other therapeutic technique. Acupuncture uses skin puncture techniques with the intention of acting on the energy that is moving through the human body. It tries to balance, harmonize and stimulate the functioning of the various organs. Acupuncture has its basis in the opposing relationship of Ying and Yang, which are the two necessary alternations of life. They are related, opposite and complementary. Any natural phenomenon is Ying or Yang or, but it still has a bit of Yang and a bit of Ying. In this concept of opposition, Ying and Yang are both creative functions, which depend on each other. They derive from Tao philosophy. Acupuncture is a simple and effective method, which is harmless if it is applied in conformity with very strict technical rules. Single use and disposable needles are employed.

We use acupuncture as part of the “Total concept”: -To stimulate tired organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, bladder, kidneys, etc.  -For problems with blood circulation and metabolism.    -For detoxification, drainage and elimination of the body fluids and oedemas that stagnate at very precise locations in the body.